Fertility expert says IVF clinics exploit women.

Lord Winston, the fertility expert, has said that IVF clinics are exploiting women who are desperate for a baby.

Robert Winston, professor of fertility studies at Imperial College London, has said couples are being charged over the odds and the fertility watchdog is doing too little to protect them.

"One of the major problems facing us in healthcare is that IVF has become a massive commercial industry," he said.

"It’s very easy to exploit people by the fact that they’re desperate and you’ve got the technology which they want, which may not work."

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Ant McPartlin ‘banned from using his phone and having visitors including his wife’ in rehab. The 41-year-old revealed to his wife Lisa Armstrong and life-long TV partner Declan Donnelly his struggles with depression over infertility had led him to substance and alcohol abuse, saying how he’s checking himself into rehab to seek help.

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Exploited by cash-for-eggs IVF clinics: Mail investigation finds desperate women are told to donate eggs for free treatment

  • Women are offered IVF at no cost  if they agree to give away half the healthy eggs
  • They are told ‘an egg isn’t a baby’ and donating is ‘just like giving blood’ 
  • Undercover reporters visited clinics posing as would-be parents
  • Watchdogs launched investigation and threatened clinics with regulatory action

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The couples crippled by the cost of IVF

Two years ago, Gill Jones looked around the comfortable house she shares with husband Mark in West Yorkshire and wondered whether it would ever be filled with the children they dreamed of.

The couple had ploughed £20,000 — all their savings and every spare penny of their earnings — into their battle to have children of their own. But two days before Christmas 2009, Gill miscarried — a few short weeks after her latest course of IVF.

Over three years, she had been through five attempts at IVF, two miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy: a shattering cycle of crushed hopes and financial strain, culminating in the most awful despair.

How science is helping women in their fifties and sixties to become parents

When the Evening Standard broke the story yesterday that the former boss of the Serpentine Galleries, Dame Julia Peyton-Jones has, at the age of 64, become a first-time mother to a daughter, Pia, the news went viral faster than a giggling baby meme.

She joins the ranks of pioneering biology-bypassing women including Laura Wade-Gery, the M&S high-flier once tipped to take the helm at the retailer, who last year became a mother the first time at 50 after she adopted a child. Then there was Janet Jackson, who gave birth to her baby son, Eissa Al Mana, earlier this month aged 50, while actress Halle Berry told of being “kinda premenopausal” when she gave birth, aged 47.

Age isn’t the only one-time barrier to pregnancy that’s being knocked down. Earlier this month Emma, Viscountess Weymouth, announced the birth of her son Henry Thynn. After suffering a terrifying brain illness during her first pregnancy in 2014, doctors warned that having a second child could kill her, but she didn’t let that stop her dream of a bigger family: she used a surrogate — and went public to help break down the stigma, saying: “This is not about my vanity or that I was too lazy. I’m not the kind of person who would have done this for anything less than a very important reason.”

What if IVF fails?

In-vitro fertilisation is not a miracle solution. Eleni Kyriacou talks to three couples about how fertility treatment can turn lives upside down.

Carole Waters, who has now adopted

Carole, 43, lives in Hampshire with her husband Andy, 43. They have had one IVF cycle and one frozen embryo transfer (FET). They have a daughter, Bea, five.

I was 29 when we first started trying to conceive and we waited five years before having IVF. I was against it for a long time – I didn't like the thought of all those drugs. I was determined to get pregnant naturally and all the tests had shown that we were both highly fertile, so there was no clinical reason why we shouldn't be able to conceive naturally.

Candida Hilton , who has given up on IVF

Candida, 41, lives in north London with her husband Damien, 39. They have had two rounds of IVF and a miscarriage. They accept that they may not have children.

had the treatment at clinics in London and Cyprus. We happened to be on holiday there at the time, the consultant came highly recommended and it was half the price. The vasectomy was voluntary so we didn't stand a chance with NHS funding. During the first cycle, I only had one embryo that could be put back. Although the doctor told me my chances were minimal, he added, "But you only need one," so of course I was still hopeful.

When it failed, I knew I had to try again, to give myself a better chance. It's like rolling a dice, but you don't think like that during the process. You're full of hormones and are not rational. I was all over the place. I was even crying at John Lewis ads on TV.

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Fertility clinics are 'exploiting' some infertile women, claims IVF pioneer Lord Winston

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You'll NEVER believe how old she is! Taiwanese designer stuns the internet with her extremely youthful looks

  • Lure Hsu, 41, has stunned thousands of people with her youthful appearance
  • She has been called 'the goddess with a frozen age' by her fans and media

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